BUNBURY, WA Bev Morton

In hypnosis, communication takes place at the subconscious level. This works with the individual entirely, using their own creativity and diversity to solve the problems at a deeper level. World wide, people are becoming aware of the clinical and other appropriate professional uses of clinical hypnosis.


Contact Name Bev Morton (BHSc Dip CHt)
Address 12 Prosser Street
Mobile 0408 905 687
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Website www.bevmorton.com.au


Smoking weight loss
insomnia, pain management
depression anxiety, panic attacks,
phobias alcohol and other drugs
nail biting and many more

Hypnotherapy is not a quick fix, it is a journey like any other, and it has to begin with the first step. Have patience, things don’t happen over night, but they do happen. You may have smoked cigarettes for 30 years and are expecting one session to stop the habit. In a small percentage of cases, this does happen. I have found that two or three sessions is usually a better solution. Make the commitment to leave it behind you permanently.

For weight loss, I am finding that my clients are losing approximately 1kg per week. This is very good considering there is no diet or quick fix, this is just you, the client, doing the ‘heathy choices’ journey and doing it for your self.

Each person is different, so there is no hard and fast rule as to how many sessions are needed. Anxiety, insomnia, pain management and phobias may take more sessions. This will be discussed with you on your first appointment.

For drug and alcohol issues, I will carry out a comprehensive assessment to ensure you will receive the best advice and service.
I am a specialist in this area and hypnotherapy may not be the best option initially.

In general, clinical hypnosis can be a useful adjunct to more traditional medical treatments for several reasons: